In the spirit of Christmas and Flying Spaghetti Monsters everywhere, I present this wonderful list of Festive Shit on eBay:

Mucho thanks to the lovely N for gathering these. Happy safe times to everyone.

Seeking an antidote to all those brainless forums populated by hate? Filled with the same nonsense and prejudices time after time? Well, look no further! Visit Vogue Australia Forums to experience an entirely novel form of brainless, prejudiced nonsense!

Heiresses discussing the virtues of real vs fake Christmas trees! Usernames like “illegallyblonde” and “GlitterKitty”! Threads called “Tiffany 1837 pendent or heart pendent?“, “What is your boy buying you for xmas??” and “Replacing sneakers – how often?“. Some of the responses to “How clever tricks turn the girl-next-door into a model” are pretty inane, if unsurprising (it’s ALL faked, people). Finally, it’s one of the few forums online where someone can say MAC and not mean Mac as in Macintosh, because they’re talking about makeup.

There really is space for everyone out there. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Photoshop CS3 Beta out now.

1. It flies on Intel Macs.
2. Refine Edges is great.
3. Smart Filters are great too, though I would have preferred them to work like Adjustment Layers so they could be applied to more than one layer at once.
4. Interface is much improved.
5. The new Curves dialog, with histograms, is fantastic.
6. Quick Selection is destined to be abused like the Magic Wand, but at least it’s an improvement.

Oh, and the CS2 -> CS3 serial number thingy isn’t working yet, but the trial works for 30 days. Note that Adobe have taken away the links to this for now, perhaps to change some serious bug, perhaps to reduce the free trial usage to 2 days as previously stated. So grab it now.

Last post, I mentioned Foghorn. Well, the shirt arrived yesterday, two or three days after ordering. Good quality (American Apparel) base shirt + well-applied artwork + looks good = a happy experience. An inventive way to escape the sea of pseudo-clever phrases on t-shirts.

The friendly people at Foghorn have had a good idea: provide people with a bank of free symbols and let them design their own t-shirts. As proof that not all spam is bad, they also sent me a certificate for a free shirt, just for having a blog. Good luck to them and to any other small Australian business who wants to send me free stuff!

Nice site too, with many of the AIGA symbols from Airport available for use. Now, I just need to get on with my long-standing plans for Flying Spaghetti Monster t-shirts (blank shirts and special paper downstairs) and I’m all wardrobed out.

It’s aliiiiive!

It seems premature to say that, but yes, Alan from Belfast, there will be more Twelve Fives, as soon as I get some more video imported onto my replacement hard drive. I’ve been busy; I don’t know what happened to the time, but it slipped away. So yes, more coming soon. Actually, there’s an un-twelve-fives video you might like, called “Five“, on YouTube. Enjoy!

The music, since you asked, is original, created in Apple’s Soundtrack. 120bpm lines up nicely with 5 second shots.

EDIT: What was I thinking? It’s 96bpm or 192bpm that lines up nicely with 5 second shots.

More of interest to me than to you: if you can read this post, you’re reading the New, Improved™ New host, new location, DNS propagation around the planet. Wheeeeee!

Alright, back to whatever you were doing.