What’s the best two lines of song lyrics you can think of that will fit engraved on an iPod?

None of this “Happy Birthday” crap. It’s got to fit in the 27 character limit, be two contiguous song lines, and no swearing, cause they won’t let you. But a good pair of lines, as you’ll have to live with them for the life of the beast.

An easy one: “it’s oh so quiet/it’s oh so still”. Or maybe “rameses! colossus!/rameses! colossus!”. Along the same lines: “there is joy in repetition/there is joy in repetition”. Or… “i palindrome i/man o nam”? Enjoy. And if you signed up for one click purchasing, it’s your own damn fault.

Having trouble writing? Try a short story in which the characters share names with the last five “people” who spammed you. For me, right now, that means Joe Whitaker, Jean Hood, Lien Keira, Cornelius Hawkins, and Marco Means.

Maybe I should go to bed now.

Wonder Boys is one of those films that makes you want to be a writer, to create something. Sometimes after I’ve seen or read something like this, I wonder if I’m truly a creative, an artist, or just a person who creates things because the techniques are interesting.

Then I wonder, is the distinction too fine to extract a judgement? How many authors or filmmakers today started out because they could construct a sentence or frame a shot? Is web design a coding chore or a creative act? And I figure it doesn’t matter. Everything’s a sliding scale, what you make it. If you claim you’re an artist, you’re an artist. Anything you create, by virtue of the process, is better than numbing yourself in front of a TV, drifting towards death.

(Offtopic query: Where should I submit the word-free airport animation I finished recently? A contest? Just on this site? Suggestions welcome.)