Launching Three Things

First, I’m hosting a Movember Letterpress event called MOPRESS, on Sunday 18 November at The Scratch, the best pub in the world, at noon. If you’re reading this, you’re invited, and you can pick up an invite by clicking on the little tiles to the right.

It’s a fundraiser, where you play Letterpress against as many people as you like, and the loser of each game pays $5 to Movember. Don’t have Letterpress? (App Store link just there.) It’s free to play one game at a time, but you’ll probably want to spend $1 on the full version. Don’t have an iOS device? We’ll have some spare. Come and have a drink anyway.

Second, I’m presenting the final Brisbane InDesign User Group meeting for the year on Tuesday 20 November, talking about the new features of CS6 and how to create an iPad app directly from Creative Cloud tools. Free, but you’ll need to register.

Third, I’ve just launched a 10-minute documentary I made at the 48 Hour Game Making Challenge 2012. Good people doing crazy things in two days flat, this video was inspired by Brendan Keogh’s epic series of articles written on the event last year. Hope you like it, and if you want something similar made for your event, just drop me a line: iain [at]