Standard banners not doing it for you? Feel like breaking outside the box?

One way to do it.
Another way to do it.

Of course, Advertising Is Evil™ (especially the making of video for that Honda ad… bleaargh) but the first one is in Dutch so you probably won’t be affected and the second is really very well executed, so they are forgiven.

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When I was a little kid, I lived (for a while) on a boat on the River Hamble with my sister, my parents, and my uncle. They restored the boat, and as they didn’t like the local primary school, my sister and I were home schooled (boat schooled?) while there. Happy memories: playing in the leaky dinghy, throwing a tethered watering can repeatedly over the side, going on trips up-river (and to the Isle of Wight); rowing to the shore through the huge wake of speedboats.

Here’s the magic part.

This is Risga, the boat I used to live on.

I Love The Internet.

Back from Sydney’s client installation: success. Here, Hazel has been sick and is now on antibiotics. She says: “Doctor Fisher says, what’s in there?”. If you ask her the name of a dinosaur, she’ll say “stegosaurus” or “diplodocus”. Also: “Could it be… a helicopter?”, “I need a fork”, and “I don’t want to.”

Not enough pictures of Hazel recently? Here you go, from Picasa Web Albums and Flickr, for comparison purposes. She’s cute either way.