Gotta love a site like Belle de Jour, happily back in action after some long absences. The fact that the phrase ‘I once shat on a man’s chest for money’ appears just makes the entire internet worthwile.

Got Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger? Want a new screen saver? Check out this one I made recently: it’s got a name that sounds rude but isn’t. Inspired by a clever piece of papercraft seen on hols in Tasmania.

In other news, my video podcast is live on iTunes now. Search for twelve fives on the iTunes Music Store podcast directory, then subscribe. If you have prefer another RSS aggregator or want to read a real web page, visit the Twelve Fives site. The RSS icon (looks like radio waves) down at the bottom has what you’re looking for. And yes, I’ll keep going on about it until you all subscribe.

I love this idea: Turn Your Head will produce a “pirolette” of you, a turned piece of wood to match your own face’s silhouette. Original, and delightfully pointless.

InDesign CS/CS2 fans, ever wanted a way to transpose a table in InDesign? To swap X and Y axes of a table, but maintain most of the formatting? Well wish no longer! You need my handy Table Transpose Script. To use, unzip the archive, then move the .js file into the Presets/Scripts folder next to InDesign itself. That folder is in Applications on the Mac, or in Program Files on the PC.

Once it’s in there, select a text frame that contains a table, then choose Window > Automation > Scripts (or just Window > Scripts on CS) and double-click to run. Various warnings will appear if you didn’t follow the last sentence correctly. Of course, this may destroy your computer. Who knows? By downloading this file… blah blah blah… you agree that it’s not my fault and you won’t sue me.

There are many, many more scripts available on the Goodies folder on the original install discs, so track them down or have a little discussion with your friendly IT people. Corner Effects is special. Crop Marks are handy. Etc. Anyway, my script is free to use/modify/whatever; if you want to include it in some package/tip/goodie box, please let me know.

Saw Capote today. Superb film. Stunning performances. Amazing cinematography. Makes you wish every film was this good. Wow.