Is this the best Simpsons line ever, from something found on a tape the other night? Lisa: “The mound builders worshiped turtles as well as badgers, snakes, and other animals.” Bart: “Thank god we’ve come to our senses and worship a carpenter who lived 2000 years ago.”

Well, for this lefty atheist, it’s pretty close.

Second Life is really taking off at the moment. Half as many members as there were a few months ago: up to 150000 and counting. I’ve just joined for $$, so I can “own” “land”. Exciting, hm? Drop by when you can, yes?

In the annals of freaky video games, this stands out, and I’d love to see it played: Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors. Including Desert Bus, an eight-hour real-time drive along a straight road with a right-veering steering wheel. Win and you get one point, then return.

Oh, and continuing the boingboing sources, in a grand series of anagrammed transit maps, Brisbane now has one. Well done Stimpson!