We’ve been making biscuits (which we often do on Wednesdays for Playgroup) but today, for a change, we had added some almond essence. We’re done, and she’s licking the bowl.

Me: Does it taste almondy?

Hazel: I was wondering what that taste was.

She’s 3.


Describing the fate of a pop-out book she’s been looking at:
“Unfortunately, I dropped it and the staples didn’t hold tight enough.”

Answers on iPads

A few notes for the non-technical readers of this blog.

So there’s a new iPad?
Yes, out March 25 here in Australia.

Should I get one?
It’s thinner, faster, and has video cameras for video chats. If that doesn’t excite you, and saving money does, get the old iPad for $449 (was $629) while you can. The new one will likely be about $599 as the AU$ is worth more than a year ago. While only you can know if an iPad would be good for you, they’re very good and you’ll probably like it. Apple Stores allow 14 days to return for a full refund if you don’t. Don’t forget to download my apps!

I have a laptop, what do I want an iPad for?
It’s what’s missing from the iPad (keyboard, weight, size) that makes it good. You can read on the couch, use it in a meeting as obtrusively as a piece of paper, kids can use it, older people can use it. Applications for it are generally cheaper and more focused than their desktop equivalents. However, it doesn’t have a huge screen, won’t help you open 20 windows at once, and isn’t for everyone. I would still choose an iPad for many tasks: Zinio’s iPad app is better than their Mac app I use for reading New Scientist, and obviously I’d rather read on the sofa than at my desk. Music is also much easier on the iPad.

What about the other tablets available?
All bad, according to reviews. Bad, expensive, or both. iPad will rule this roost for at least a year to come, and are likely to have the best apps for even longer. Technical users may prefer a different tablet, or no tablet at all.

What does Apple say about the iPad?
They made this very nice video. It’s of course a sales video, but it shows a lot of use cases I hadn’t considered.

I have more questions!
Ask away in the comments, before they automatically close.