So, I had an idea yesterday. Not a big idea, not a particularly clever idea, just a quick joke for a t-shirt really. A zero-dollar bill with Bush as the requisite president. Of course, something like that is only good if it’s original, so a quick Google led me to find that an artist did it (and got noticed) in October, but forgot to change the president’s head, leaving George Washington from the $1 bill in place.

Seems an obvious thing to forget; at least two commenters on different sites suggested that Bush would have been a better choice. Indeed, a dodgy Photoshop version was made (though not printed and distributed by an artist) in December 2007. If you really want precedent, though, head for this effort from 1978 featuring Uncle Sam.

Let’s all hope that the case against iiNet from “big media” falls flat. Nic Suzor knows enough about copyright law to have an opinion worth hearing, and he’s hopeful.

In other unrelated news, Japan was awesome and there will be notes and pics in due course. Fellow parents will know that time is the scarcest commodity about.