Hazel just learnt about opposable thumbs. She was reaching out for a small cardboard box, but batting it away with her hands rather than grasping. I used my hand to show her that she could grasp it with her thumb and index finger, and it took her about 30 seconds to get the idea and copy me. Now she’s happily pinching away. Love it.

Why not another inappropriate geeky link? Joel on Software. Very interesting.

Now let’s all hope that Hazel doesn’t wake up again. May you all sleep well and wake up to many fancy presents.

Hazel can roll onto her back all by herself, and can prop herself up on her own arms, so she doesn’t mind being on her front. Great to see her growing up, step by step.

Hazel rocks. She’s growing up, becoming more interested in the world around her. She’s talking, in her own language. She loves particular songs that we sing at certain times. She’s happy and delightful, a spring of unending joy, so long as you don’t remember the parts where she cries inconsolably for hours on end. One “big d” smile 😀 usually fixes that.

TV’s not good for the young, but I’d love it if we could watch Fraggle Rock together. (ABC2 @ 6pm if you’ve missed that as well.)