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  1. hi-

    i’m hoping u can help!

    I’m in Palestine at the moment- so as you can imagine, not too much final cut pro expertise around me. I have some footage HDV 1080i 50 in FCP 6. I want to export it to make a DVD to show someone some work so far on the latest film.

    The sequence settings, capture settings etc are all the same 1080i50…. yet when i try export it using the “Quicktime conversion” option, the resulting QT jumps a few frames every minute or so. I’ve tried exporting using the same codec 1080i50, i’ve tried using ‘none’ and i’ve tried using H.264. All the same.

    when i use the quicktime option to make a self contained movie it looks great, but i can’t make a dvd of this using DVD studio pro.



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