More Threadless Pleas

It’s been too long since my last post. Let’s all celebrate together by quickly voting “5” for my latest design at Threadless:

Stickies - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Alternatively, if you’re reading this in mid July 2009 or later, you’ve missed the boat and can see what my final score was. I suspect it will be low; not because I think my design is bad (I really like it!) but because Threadless voting is brutal. The number of casual zeros given by madly flicking visitors is nuts. My last design got plenty of positive comments but only scored 1.89/5. Ah well. More designs, more often.

Threadless Pleas

If you’re reading this and you haven’t already acted on my Facebook or Twitter pleas for help, woohoo! I’d be super-appreciative if you could vote “5$” (that’s “I’d buy this” then “5”) for my design Rain and Wind on Threadless. Why?

1. Threadless needs more design-based fart jokes.
2. I’ll win fame, glory and cash if they decide to print it.
3. Please.
4. Except for the words, it’s the same upside down!
5. Please?


An interesting phone is about to be released in the US, the Palm Pre. You might have heard of it. If not, check out this in-depth review with a good video. Many other reviews are out there, basically saying that it’s very good, it’s like an iPhone but different, and it has a few issues that will hopefully be ironed out by v2.0.

I see the lack of SDK as a huge problem. Developers screamed at Apple for the SDK, and when it arrived, it ushered in a new world of mobile applications, changing (in a real way) what I could do while away from my main Mac. The Pre doesn’t have that yet, and they won’t get professional-level games with the web-based systems in place right now.

Another huge stumbling block is that the Pre is, so far, CDMA-based. The US still uses CDMA but the rest of the world has moved on (like the metric system and A4 paper). So, no Pre for the larger world for the moment.

On the plus side, it’s great that Apple actually has some competition — albeit from a product made by many ex-Apple employees. The iPhone is still a great phone and I’d recommend one to almost everyone. I’m still kind of excited that I managed to make a talking-book version of my kids book for the iPhone — I just need to figure out what to do with it.

As Hazel gets older it seems almost pointless recording everything she says. For the fans, though, at just over 22 months, she’s saying:

Nana knitted the wings. (true)
What’s that noise outside?
Probably a blue bird.
Funny creature on the floor.
Excuse me Daddy.

She’s so much fun at this age. I have no frame of reference, so I can only assume it continues to get better from here, right?