This Flash game is very nicely produced. It’s got a lovely “security camera noise” overlay on all the visuals, and the classic modern computer interface: made on a Mac, looking like a Mac, but the close box is an X in the top right. Check out BBC – History – CDX.

If you like short, interesting films, and especially if you have a portable device that needs some free content, check out the 60+ free short films in the Portable Film Festival. Play movies on the site, or download (DRM free) to iPod, PSP or 3G mobile.

Now *if* I was into brazen self-promotion, I might suggest that a vote for Airport would be much appreciated. Of course, that’s not me at all.


Sorry to be the bearer of sad news; Tat says it better. One of the first people who I saw regularly in SL, a touchstone and a mentor, has passed away. RIP Ginny Gremlin and the real person behind the avatar. You were appreciated. You made a difference.

Burning Life, the blog

Burning Life, the event in SL, has spawned a blog about it, also called Burning Life. My blocks are on there, though the author didn’t think there were enough letters to spell out anything worthwhile. There are about 100 blocks, each with random letters on six sides. The letters change when you click the blocks!

So, a hearty thank you for noticing, accompanied by a quiet pffft.