InDesign Tips and Tricks

Adobe InDesign is a deep, rich application with a great many hidden and not-so-obvious features. It can even do some things with vectors that Illustrator can’t. I’ve been teaching it (plus other Adobe and Apple apps) for a few years now, and I was asked to present at the recent meeting of the locaI InDesign User Group.

Here’s the PDF from my InDesign Tips and Tricks presentation, with many pages of tips from all over the web, from other trainers and ones I found myself. If something’s not clear from the pictures plus the notes, give it a Google or add a comment here.

Also here: the Table Transposition script referenced in the PDF and on the night. It exchanges rows and columns in the first table in a selected text box. To install, expand into the “Scripts Panel” folder in the “Scripts” folder next to the InDesign application, then find it in Window > Automation > Scripts. Works with CS2 and CS3 on Mac and PC.