Twelve Fives Hazel HD #01: A Year in a Minute

Here’s the iPhone-friendly version of Twelve Fives Hazel HD #01: A Year in a Minute. That’s five seconds of video from each month in my daughter Hazel’s first year. The second year is almost up and there will be another video in the next month or so.

Tech notes: Though this video is 640×360 — as other HD-sourced movies on this site will be — this video has already been posted in HD to Vimeo and YouTube. Why both? Vimeo is a much friendlier place for original video, but YouTube works on the iPhone. Finally, if you’re using QuickTime Player to create 640×360 from 1080i video, be sure to check “Deinterlace” in the QuickTime Player’s Properties window.

I Love Travel

New content! Though it’s not an official Twelve Fives video, it’s travel-related, and works on a five-second rhythm. Some Twelve Fives content makes an appearance and I think you’ll like it if you like the Twelve Fives videos to date. Created for the Lonely Planet competition “<3" (less than three, or a heart in IM-speak), here is I Love Travel.

Download speed should be better as I’m now hosting my videos here — though I haven’t changed any of the older links yet. Let me know if it works for you.

It’s aliiiiive!

It seems premature to say that, but yes, Alan from Belfast, there will be more Twelve Fives, as soon as I get some more video imported onto my replacement hard drive. I’ve been busy; I don’t know what happened to the time, but it slipped away. So yes, more coming soon. Actually, there’s an un-twelve-fives video you might like, called “Five“, on YouTube. Enjoy!

The music, since you asked, is original, created in Apple’s Soundtrack. 120bpm lines up nicely with 5 second shots.

EDIT: What was I thinking? It’s 96bpm or 192bpm that lines up nicely with 5 second shots.