Seeking an antidote to all those brainless forums populated by hate? Filled with the same nonsense and prejudices time after time? Well, look no further! Visit Vogue Australia Forums to experience an entirely novel form of brainless, prejudiced nonsense!

Heiresses discussing the virtues of real vs fake Christmas trees! Usernames like “illegallyblonde” and “GlitterKitty”! Threads called “Tiffany 1837 pendent or heart pendent?“, “What is your boy buying you for xmas??” and “Replacing sneakers – how often?“. Some of the responses to “How clever tricks turn the girl-next-door into a model” are pretty inane, if unsurprising (it’s ALL faked, people). Finally, it’s one of the few forums online where someone can say MAC and not mean Mac as in Macintosh, because they’re talking about makeup.

There really is space for everyone out there. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.