I’m sitting on the back deck at home, Sunday afternoon. Three Kookaburras just started singing in the tree directly above me, with another two in a nearby tree. That insane cackle that I can’t describe if you’ve never heard.

Then they moved. Five in a nearby tree, just one above me. The bell birds still tinkling in the distance and a cool breeze blowing. Fab.

Oh, if you’re trying to register interest in ADSL on Mt Nebo, Telstra have moved the page and (under some conditions) screwed up the redirection. Go to http://www.bigpond.com/internet-plans/broadband/availability/lodgeprospect/ instead. It’s worth doing, but bear in mind that political and other realities are important too: Closeburn exchange has just recently been enabled for ADSL, and they hadn’t reached the target just a few months ago. So register, then sacrifice a goat and cross your fingers.