Too little time, too few internet outlets. I promise once we get to Portland and start our trip down the coast, there will be more updates, especially as we can scab free wireless internet by hanging outside motels. Hopefully.

Anyway, a quick, quick summary of where we’ve been. More when there’s more time.

Zion NP (National Park). Cool, too many people. Shuttle buses and mega groups.

Grand Canyon. Amazing. Jaws dropped. Incredible desert/rock scenery through this whole region.

Monument Valley. Fab. Grand. Sunrise is too early.

Moab, near Arches and Canyonlands NPs. Both superb in their own way; Arches very accessible to the non-hiker and short walker, Canyonlands less so but much larger in scale and more dramatic.

Salt Lake City. Mormons are wacky. So many weddings.

Antelope Island. Full of theoretical bison, on the lake. Yes, you float without paddling.

Spanish Fork. Motel stop in the middle of nowhere. Room had a TV, nearby strip mall had a multiplex. Win-win.

Targhee National Forest. Very pleasant campground, by a fab lake. Spot A16, next to ours, is possibly the best camp site we’ve ever seen.

Now we’re in Yellowstone, where there are too many stupid people walking on delicate/dangerous areas off-trail, or driving at half the speed limit. But we’re having a good time, even if we haven’t showered enough.

After a few days here, we’re off to Grand Teton NP, then Craters of the Moon, Sawtooth Nat. Rec. Area, then West, Portland, and along the coast for a week before hooking up with Cam and Amy (hi!) the day before we fly out.

In under three weeks.

OK – if I haven’t expanded on this in a week, email me. Hell, let me know you’re reading anyway. See you in Brisbane soon, or talk to you later.