And just before we lose this lovely room with its net access, a few little things we’ve noticed about the USA but Las Vegas especially.

It’s all about the money. That is, convincing you something is good value while hitting you for extras: a ticket to last night’s Ani Di Franco concert at the House of Blues, bought online, would attract sales tax, a booking fee, and a convenience fee.

It’s also all about the marketing. Telling you how great the meal you’re about to order is, though it will taste the same as every other burger chain, loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Yesterday, we saw a couple wearing matching badges: “Ask me about my recent marriage”.

It’s big. Everything’s big. Distances are actually pretty quick to cover, certainly compared to the UK.

So, the closing word from Nic: “It’s all about delusional self-gratification.” And so it proves to be. Still, there’s some great scenery out there, and we’re going to find some more.