Backtracking. The week in Star Prairie has blurred, and will remain blurry since no notes were taken. Let’s recap some of the key events.

Picked up, generously, from Madison after a generous lift there was given.

A good mexican meal with a “large beer”.

A swim in a lake, of which much will be made.

Power-boating on a different lake, at what felt like higher speeds.

Visiting a foal less than a week old.

A walk in Interstate Park.

A trip to the Mall of America, a large place. There’s a whole theme park (Snoopy Camp) in the middle. And a wedding chapel.

Hanging out with my new step-siblings. For the sake of anonymity, I’ll call them Brae and Shady. Much fun with Super Smash Bros Melee and Frisbee French Cricket. Meeting the extended family and friends.

Mowing a huge lawn with a ride-on mower.

The “Get The Foreigners Drunk” party, though thankfully no surfacing of “that” drinking game. Drunken hill-rolling, though. Tacos too. Much local beer, margaritas.

A first drive in the USA, on the wrong side.

Hanging out with my father for the last time in a while.

Getting to know his new wife, the friendly stepmother.

Homemade curry with homemade naan bread.

A mosquito-infested walk at Saratoga Springs.

Peace and quiet; it’s a small place.

Heat burning down from the blue, blue skies.

Now, we’re off to Yosemite and many other national parks; we may be unable to blog or call for a little while. Advanced apologies, and have a nice day!