There’s a whole pile of stuff to say about Star Prairie, visiting family, but I can’t say that stuff now. I’ll write it longhand and come back to type it in. There’s also stuff to say about San Francisco. But right now, I have to go on a bit about the excellent band that we just saw, here at the Apple Store San Francisco, where this message is being sent from. See, The Polyphonic Spree just played, and they were fantastic. Huge amounts of energy, sweat pouring off bodies, jumping, dancing, a theremin, a harp, loads of good vibes, happy people.

And I got the whole thing on my camcorder. Sure, it’s probably distorted off the scale, but it could be good. And also, we’ve got their album (now signed by about 15 of them) on our iPod and will be cranking it up this evening.

Good live music in an Apple Store, second row seat (of two rows) and a fab time.

(After a fab day, riding around the bay’s edge. But that’s another story, and will be told another time.)