Since there have been a lot of new people here recently, I’ll just clarify a couple of links.

CGrUB, in the left hand menu, is a Mac-only tool meant to help IT students learn graphics programming. It’s woefully out of date, runs in Classic mode, uses QuickDraw 3D with Codewarrior for the code samples… yet, has a nice multimedia part attached to teach the basics of 2D and 3D graphics programming, from Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm through matrix multiplication. Hope someone out there finds it useful. Free for anyone with a (non-Intel) Mac, but no good on PCs.

Identikit was a fun photo-based project I did in 1999 for Stuff-Art, an Australian Film Commission-funded idea to fit multimedia on a floppy disk. It does still work, but it needed an update, which I’ve been working on and which should be ready for release as soon as I can get it all into one file. That’s going to be Mac-only too, but I’ll post some pics.

Finally for now, a big, big thanks to everyone who’s linked to airport or otherwise said nice things about it. Check Technorati’s list of links to this page (link below), pushing it up to over 45,000 views.

Wowsers. I mean, that’s small change to a high-traffic site, but it’s increased the viewership of this little film off the scale. Extra special thanks for Bryanshare, Sean Coon and mod*mom for their kind words, of course to Cory for the initial link, and the Guardian’s Newsblog for getting me as close as I suspect I’ll get to a mention in The Guardian itself.

I ♥ Blogs.

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  1. Hey Iain,

    I conduct research (and teach) on graphical communication (e.g. icons, symbols & indices) and would really like to use your film as a educational aid to demonstrate the communicative power of graphics. Is there some way I could get my hands on a copy?

  2. Yes, there is. Check out this post, below the current one. It should link to a larger, higher-audio-quality QuickTime version of Airport. Just option-click on the Mac to download instead of playing, or right-click then choose “Download Linked File” or similar.

  3. thank you!
    thank you for thanking me for your brilliant video!
    i really appreciate the link too!

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