So, here in the UK, the third-to-last episode of 24 just aired on BBC Three. (Note to Mike Myers/Austin Powers fans – yes, there are four BBC TV mainstream channels now, two on free digital services. Other channels are kids and news, so yeah, you could claim BBC Heaven if you wanted to.)

Anyway, 24 plays a week early on BBC Three, 10.45pm on Sunday nights, straight after the previous week’s episode on BBC Two @ 10. (No ads, no logos, digital widescreen feed, lovely.) After BBC Three’s 24 showing, there’s another show, Pure 24, just to discuss the episode that’s just aired. They have exclusive interviews, snippets of the upcoming week, and talk with the guests and studio audience. Viewers ring or email their opinions in. Fun for obsessives, and followed by the excellent Adam and Joe Go Tokyo.

So what’s this got to do with me? Well, they read out something I emailed in. Which is nice. Spoilers, so select the following text to read it:

When Jack talked Kim through killing the abusive murderer, she truly became Daddy’s little girl. Fantastic.

It was a tense, breathtaking moment in 24, and though I’m very much against guns, murder or the death penalty in real life, we know this guy is extremely nasty, it’s self-defence, and most crucially, it’s fiction set in America. So woo-hoo! Bad man go bye-bye!

Can’t wait for the finale.