Upgrading the local exchange

This Telstra Wholesale page lists the telephone exchanges to receive upgrades. At Mt Nebo (MNBO) we’re about to get a software upgrade. Apparently it won’t be bringing ADSL2+, but it’s going to remove the default shaping (slowing down) that 8Mbps plan users (like me) have been subject to. The what now?

Even though I have been paying quite a bit extra for an “up to 8Mbit” plan that’s usually around 2.5Mbit, it’s been the crappy shaping setup at the exchange that’s been slowing me down, not my line, proximity to exchange, or anything else.

First reaction? How in hell can they get away with selling (or on-selling) a service they know will be crippled? Advertising up to 8Mbit when this exchange hasn’t been offering any more than 2.5Mbit to anyone is just wrong.

Second reaction? So, my internet could get 3x faster next week? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?