SL Forums – Disguised voice chat

Since I’m bleathering on the forums, thought I’d spread the bleather here:

SL Forums – Disguised voice chat: “Love SL. The one thing which really gets to me is the time it can take to ‘talk’ through a keyboard. Simply speaking is much faster; I could type for an hour or speak the same content in ten minutes. Skype-like functionality could revolutionise SL.

Obviously, anonymity has to be part of the SL experience, but that’s possible. If you have a Mac, try Garageband — it allows live voice changing effects to be applied, including gender changing and other modfications.

It probably wouldn’t be feasible everywhere, at least at first, but it would make a big difference in the long run. It could also bring a great many new residents — why just call someone when you can meet them in SL for a virtual drink instead?