Photoshop feedback

Originally at the new Photoshop Family feedback site, I’d like Photoshop to encourage people to use it the right way, rather than inviting them to rasterize layers unnecessarily and erase where masking would be a better choice. If you agree, say so here.


Please make it easier for users to use Photoshop the right way, and harder for them to use it wrongly.

For example, when someone tries to paint on a text layer, why not offer to create a new layer that uses the text layer as a clipping mask, rather than the current approach: saying it’s not possible and then berating the user. It would also be very useful to encourage masking instead of erasing — so why not just make the eraser, when used on the background layer, actually convert the layer to Layer 0 and add a mask? And how about removing the shortcuts from the ancient, painful, destructive Image > Adjust menu and moving them to the equivalent Adjustment Layers instead? (Shortcuts should still work on Image > Adjust when working on a Mask.)

I think you get the idea. It’s too easy to pick up Photoshop and get bad habits instantly.