Photoshop CS3 Extended 3D painting!?!

(Cross-posted from my main blog.)

The new Adobe Creative Suite 3 is coming out very soon. The details get announced officially in NYC in about 12 hours, but the Adobe site has already been updated with all the new feature details. I’m not just excited because I’m demonstrating much of this at an upcoming evening for Infinite Systems, but the new Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended could have some really nice implications for Second Life design.

Given that you will be able to place an image onto a live-rotatable 3D model, it just remains to be seen how complex that model can be. All we need is the ability to upload images onto an avatar and all kinds of texture-based design will be revolutionised. It looks like it will be possible; if it is, let a great big “yay” go up to the rafters. Tons of other cool stuff in there too across the whole suite, above and beyond the “runs at least half as fast again on your Intel Mac” feature.