Typing this text into an app called Ommwriter. An interesting way to work.

I’ve never given full screen writing applications much thought, but it really does help to remove the distractions of a modern computer. Maybe the iPad, in that it will only show one application at once, will work the same way. Right now, if I can monitor Twitter or Safari’s Top Sites when I have ten seconds free between thoughts, distraction is but a click away.

There’s a variety of sounds I can choose for key clicks, which seems odd at first. Don’t I want to avoid distractions here? Well, nicely enough, the key click sounds actually seem to focus you on the words you’re typing.

As well as the key clicks, it plays soothing music all the time. Meditative, gentle music. I suspect that’s probably part of the appeal, and I should probably just find some meditative music to play in iTunes if this is truly helpful.

Really not liking the underscore for typing, though. That seems a throwback, a long, long way back. Zardax on a CAT Apple II clone way back. And it’s getting in my way.

A nice idea. Worth a look if you need to write and the world is interrupting you.