Art at QUT: Identikit in 3D

A long time ago, in 1998, I won a grant as part of Stuff-Art 98 to produce a piece of multimedia art that would fit on a floppy disk. I made something called Identikit. There was a party, I set up lights, I took pictures, then I mushed them all together and let people make their own composite faces. Fun stuff, but a little buggy today.

Fast forward to now, and Identikit has been reborn, in 3D, and will be shown at QUT from 9-19 April, dusk to 9pm. It’s a non-interactive version on two screens, and is fun to watch. Here’s a still, but each segment spins around on its own.

Identikit 3D

However, for one night only, there will be an interactive version on display. On 27 April, you can visit the opening night of Face to Face, and control it yourself using a fancy joystick. It’s fun, so come along if you can.