Things are happening, eventually, and I’ll let you know as they happen some more. First, an aside.

It’s not easy to start a new business just from a website; think of it as a brochure you didn’t have to send someone. However, for someone to read that site, they still have to find it, and the most efficient way of getting that page in their face may be to… send them a flyer. But at least that’s a cheaper print job.

Anyway, a site can do quite well. My uncle’s website: Orchard Therapies, is one I did a while ago and have revised since for maximum Google-friendliness. Happily, this site reaches a new client every week, which is great for him and makes me happy too. So it can be done!

Now, do I decide to push this whole freelance angle or just get a cushy full time job? Will let you know.

Oh, and broadband. That thing we don’t have here. Options:

– Wait for ADSL. Might not be possible.

– Wireless through More likely to work, good support, professional attitude.

– Wireless through Two overworked guys in Samford. A cheaper, unlimited deal.

Gah. Will, as ever, let you know.

Oh, don’t miss the Straight Out Of Brisbane festival, happening soon in the Valley. All sorts of cool stuff, including a chance to get inside the Village Twin before redevelopment and cool new media stuff plus lots more. Maybe see me in the Hacklab? Or maybe at the VT. Cool!