(Note to self – never write a blog post in a browser window. Browsers crash, posts get lost.)

Typing happily on new iMac G5 Lozenge. Black window on the trees behind, about 200 moths hanging on the glass. One persistent one has made it inside and is making its presence occasionally felt.

This evening: sketching with an aged Graphire tablet, surfing for hours (oh unlimited dialup, how you have been missed) and enjoying the widescreenyness of it all. (Yes, Neverwinter Nights does support the odd 1440×900 resolution! I’m glad you asked!)

There’s unlikely to be broadband here until WiMax materialises out of its own vapour and becomes a product sold in Samford. It’s like current WiFi, but goes 10km, and through trees, unlike current line-of-sight wireless systems. It’s near enough that larger companies aren’t even bothering to install repeaters for today’s l-o-s solution, though smaller companies are. We’ll see how it all goes, but I suspect that the copious numbers of trees plus their inevitable growth and non-ownership by us will stuff up our chances fairly thoroughly. So we wait with dialup.

However, we can still share a dialup connection wirelessly, and the totally wireless laptop on the deck with the birds is a happy reality. Our latest simultaneous bird record is 13 king parrots and a cockatoo. No laptop then, but one camera. Photos on request.

Party soon – maybe see you here? Will let you know.