It’s been raining, for a change. We could do with some more, but for now, the coolness is welcome.

Last night, I got to meet someone whose work I’ve admired for many years: Bill Plympton. He’s an animator who’s made some fantastic films, including 25 Ways to Quit Smoking. The Brisbane International Animation Festival (#5) had secured his new film, Hair High and him to present it. He’s a cool guy. There was a previous feature film of his, Mutant Aliens, there for sale on DVD, and he was signing anything. So here we are.

Last year’s Oscar winner for best animated short, Adam Elliot, was there too. The more famous people I see in person, the more they’re just like the regular people they should be. Sure, the most famous need bodyguards and live in gated estates, but I’m sure if they haven’t been utterly screwed up by their fame, they have as much chance as the next person to hold down their side of a decent conversation. Both of these guys (and yeah, I realise animation is not the way to fame) were friendly and approachable.

The celeb mags put forth a vision of stellar beauty and talent on a pedestal, but if you want to make a film, just make one. If you want to make music, go ahead. If you want to battle through the legions of Australian/Pop/American Idol-idolising music/TV/film industry bureaucrats, then best of luck. But it’s a lot easier to just DIY.