What we did yesterday: watched the sun set over the ocean from the table at our campsite. Drove down the Big Sur, which is a pretty bit of coastline, if inaccessible and unswimmable. We also witnessed price gouging on a massive scale, in a shop in Lucia on the coast. $4.50 for four crappy rolls? $2.75 for a take away beer? I don’t think so.

Today, we saw more of the coast and experienced even heavier price gouging. There’s a place in Gordo which wanted $3.59/gallon for regular petrol; this in a country where the price has varied from $1.80 to $2.24. What an utter bastard. The next place down the road wanted $3.30, and we needed a safety net, so we bought $3 from that guy. Actually, the Big Sur was one of the least friendly (no trespassing! private road!) and most expensive areas that we’ve visited in the whole of the US. Very pretty, but the people who run the shops are not our favourites.

Right now, Monday night, we’re in Santa Barbara, which is a lot like Noosa with larger roads. Fun shopping, friendly vibe, beaches you can swim at. This is our last independent night, as we’re hooking up with friends in LA for our last night in the country, Tuesday night. (As it’s past 1am, does that mean it’s tonight?) There will be a grand summary post soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Tiredness means no more writing for now, but we’ll see some of you soon. Write to the rest of you soon too.