F-Key Options

Some odd Mac shortcuts you might not know. These all work if you’ve given the media keys (volume etc.) priority.

Option-Brightness (F1/F2) opens System Preferences > Displays.
Option-Expose or Dashboard (F3/F4) opens System Preferences > Exposé & Spaces.
Option-Volume (F9/10/11) opens System Preferences > Sound.

And one very few people will use:

Option-Eject opens the second optical drive on a Mac Pro.

The Pioneer Blu-ray 12x burner I bought is working out, though I do run a script to keep it from falling asleep. The script is:

on idle
do shell script "drutil info"
end idle

And it runs as an application (important).

But hey, it lets me burn Blu-ray discs ($4 each in lots of ten from here) through the Finder or through Final Cut at 10x. No coasters yet but I haven’t pushed it.