More backtracking while it’s still in the head somewhere, because we’ll never see all the photos and video.

Yosemite, in brief and in order:

21 July: Pick up the car in SF, long drive to Yosemite, via Target and other large American stores for supplies. Arrive in Yosemite Valley, set up, sleep. Bears about.

22 July: Move our tent within the same campground, go exploring around the Valley. Nice falls, nice meadows, nice swim in the Merced River looking at Half Dome at sunset. Showers aren’t free or convenient, so rivers are handy. Bears again, sleeping issues.

23 July: Move out of the crowded valley to crowded Crane Flat, via a great view at Glacier Point. Giant Sequoia grove, another swim. Missing soap terribly.

24 July: Move on again to the north-east corner of the park, Tuolomne Meadows, for three nights here. Lovely spot by a new river. Great swimming, still no showers available. Getting grotty. Wandered to Soda Springs and around; friendlier, prettier and higher than the valley, and recommended.

25 July: Feeling altitude sickness (8500 feet or so up). At least when we try to hike up Lembert Dome via Dog Lake. Eventually make it to Dog Lake; nice, but flies make eating tricky. Eventually after that, make it to Lembert Dome summit, which is stunning. Back via Tuolomne Lodge (canvas cabins with a nearby restaurant) to another swim. Very cool.

26 July: Last day without a shower, and a perfect day in every way. We haven’t seen rain since we left New York, but this was just a great day in every way. By Tenaya Lake for a while, then wandering slowly up the river, finding our own private granite beach.

27 July: To Lone Pine, a motel, and a shower. And there the story continues…