On Cities

What is the point of a city?

For me, it is the power to get enough people of a similar mind together to make something happen. Enough people to populate a niche, to fuel a critical mass.

In Christchurch, New Zealand, that manifests in the joy of hand-pulled English-style ale from Twisted Hop, the specialist Whisky Galore selling rare bottlings, advice and tastings, and the superb video rental place Alice — let alone all the great quirky bars and cafes around High St.

It’s a damning indictment that Brisbane can’t come up with anything to match any of these, despite far more people and much more money flowing. All we have is more malls and shopping centres with more of the same chains. Thank Christchurch (sorry) for a reminder of how it can be done.

One thought on “On Cities”

  1. Call it a "neighborhood", not a "city". We live in a city for the convenience of visiting other neighborhoods, at least here in Chicago. It's not only international "barrios". My neighborhood includes my neighbors (some of whom I don't like), my friends, and my relatives. I'm lucky to have the neighborhood I'm living in now.

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