Playing around with Kinemac, from the MacHeist bundle. Live 3D animation with some very useful tools. The SVG import/extrude is probably the most useful, since it’s not a modeller. Some high quality results with a tiny amount of effort — if you’re happy to learn a few shortcuts. A perfect complement to Motion for when you need a truly 3D object, and Quartz Compositions as textures make me very happy indeed.

Anyway, there are many other apps in the bundle (World of Goo, PhoneView, Acorn, LIttleSnapper, Wiretap Pro) and several more I likely won’t use. I’ll be happy to see Espresso unlocked, though it’s possible they’ve set the bar too high.

(They are referral links above, but if you use my link I get no cash, only some *more* software that *might* be useful. No stress. It genuinely is a useful collection of software at a very small price, 25% goes to charity, and I didn’t buy either of the previous MacHeist bundles.)