Hazel watchers out there, know ye that she can, at 16.5 months:

– say ~170 words and understand more
– recognise a rainbow on my screen and go to find her book on rainbows
– eat with a spoon without always spilling everything
– build many blocks into a stack (7 is her record so far)
– make the sounds of a sheep, cow, dog, cat, parrot or duck
– say “eight” when parked on my shoulder and I say “pieces of”
– stand on parental feet for a dance
– turn in a circle and fall over dizzy when being read the book about the “rosie ring”
– demand paper and pen (“draw!”) when she wants a good scribble
– throw a ball (or anything hand-sized) with some force
– play the piano on my iPhone and her little crocodile xylophone (“ding-ding”)
– give kisses to mummy and daddy at bedtime and whenever else she feels like it
– remember that nana will be coming in a couple of days time
– wave like a crazy thing when she figures out that someone is leaving
– smile like an angel

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  1. Iain,
    I saw your list of things your daughter can do and am impressed with how well she is going.

    I believe that whilst people say that the first year of life is the most exciting and that the kids learn the most, it’s the second that for me at least that it’s the most exciting.

    You see all their hard work really come to fruition. The number of things they do that amaze you seem to grow exponentially in that year.

    Hope you and your family are keeping well!

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