So, travelling to a new country can shake away some of the blues. In New York City, blogging from the Apple Store, and everything’s good.

A new case for the iPod after I left the last one on a plane, a quick look around the goodies, and soon onward to see what’s happening downtown. For a while there, the UK was feeling a little too familiar. Sure, it’s nice to explore local real ales and climb some mountains, but it felt a little predictable. Wales was great, but not weird. If you don’t find the unexpected, why go? NYC, so far, has been pretty interesting.

America: a land of consumption and politeness. Not cheap, but cheaper than London. And accommodation, for the most part, just as dingy, though not where we are now: East Village Bed & Coffee. Very nice, bohemian, abstract kind of place.

More when I’ve collected my thoughts a little.