I was on the wrong side of the planet to deliver this in person, and the funeral has now taken place. I’m sad this wasn’t said at the right time and place, but this is what I wanted to say, my eulogy to Adam.

If Adam wanted to do something, he’d do it himself. If that din’t work out, he’d find someone who could, and convince them to do it for him. If that still didn’t work – through lack of funds, planning, or legal issues – then he’d store the bits in his warehouse.

Adam wanted to do everything, and luckily enough, knew everyone. Only at Adam’s could you find a German DJ playing a chillout set for fun, enough silver foil to cover the dancefloor, a bubble machine going mad and several mirrorballs to light it all up. At any given time, someone new would be sitting in a corner, cutting out stars.

My whole family knew Adam. My father and he stayed awake all night in conversation, my sister sold beer at his O-Week events while underage, and my mother, among other things, made Adam an enormous, red, spiral codpiece.

To me? Adam was the best kind of friend: true, loving and honest. My future life, as many others, now has an Adam-shaped hole. Nobody can fill that gap, but I’ll always try to imagine what he would have brought, and do the best I can.