I’d been looking forward to the release of Valve’s The Orange Box for Xbox 360 since, as a long time Mac guy, I’ve never played Half Life 2. Sacrilege, I know, and I do like a good story-based shooter. Had a quick go. Great so far.

A few weeks ago, this review singled out Portal for praise, and Yahtzee doesn’t give praise lightly. So I rented it last night with a view to purchase, and played Portal from start to finish. It’s the best fun I’ve had with a game in ages: clever, rewarding, different, challenging and very, very funny. To know more would ruin the fun, so grab a copy and play it. Rent it just for Portal (360, PC) if you’re not into first person shooters. You won’t shoot anyone and you don’t have any bullets; it’s a first person puzzle.

Portal is not long, but it’s brilliant.