What do you do when you have something to say, but the right place to post it saw its last activity two days ago? Post it on my own blog, of course. Pretend you’re reading from the USA:

“You guys in the US get the iPhone. In Australia, we get to see Transformers a week early. Saw it this morning on the old IMAX screen in Brisbane. Spoiler-free quick review:

1. It’s good. Effects are awesome, actors aren’t annoying, and it includes the best giant-mecha-robot fights ever committed to film.

2. Michael Bay really does know how to blow shit up. He also likes military toys and isn’t afraid to promote them just a teensy bit.

3. It’s long. There are a couple of moments when the plot stops making total sense. But then, a giant mecha robot transforms while jumping over a missile and you forgive all shortcomings.

Enjoy your iPhones, you bastards!”

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  1. So true about Bay’s penchant for promoting military toys among other things – notice the “Pepto Bismol” bottle with the label conveniently facing the camera?

    P.S. Fantastic blog, if you visited mine some time I would be honoured : )

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