In Root of All Evil on Compass tonight, Richard Dawkins quoted Bertrand Russell. I’ll paraphrase: “Imagine there’s a teapot floating in space around the sun. There’s no proof, so if you say you believe this, people will think you’re a bit mad. But if it’s tradition, if books say that the teapot is real, if many other people believe in the teapot, then you can be seen as mad for not believing in it.”

We’re all teapot atheists. Also: “We’re all atheists about almost every god that has ever existed (Ra, Thor, Aphrodite, etc.). Atheists just take it one god further.”

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  1. yeah, i saw about the first five mins and then (annoyingly) fell asleep! I liked what little I heard…
    tried to get into his book but his writing style was not for me… came across as much a fundamentalist as a Christian – telly doco far more suits his delivery me-thinks…

  2. Hi Iain.

    This is totally unrelated to this post, but me and a friend have been debating on something for the past couple of days.

    We are both doing IT/Comm design and have had you for some of our classes in the past, and she believes that you are the Ian Anderson who came up with the Designers Republic. Is this true, or has she been idolizing you for no reason? (other than your other awesome skillz) 😛

    Thought you would probably be the best person to clear this up for us!

    -Suzanne (From media tech 2 last year, wooh)

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