A little while ago I entered the Lonely Planet Less Than Three competition. My entry, I Love Travel, can be seen over at my other site, Twelve Fives, in this post.

The winners have now been announced. I’m not among them, and while I don’t expect to win a global competition every day, some of the videos that did receive recognition are, to put it politely, undeserving. The winner’s pretty good. The December winner is, to me, the best video on the site. The first runner up is the least interesting pile of Funniest Home Video shite to ever be shown outside of the third level of YouTube hell.

To put it another way, I was beaten by two people watching a sheep scratch itself against a fence. For two minutes. With inane commentary. Without editing, without music. By all means, launch a contest with somewhat vague terms (“a great moment in travel” was loosely implied) but please, please don’t reward crap like that.

Sorry if this sounds like sour grapes; it’s not my intention. I’m not about to write to Lonely Planet demanding my prize and crying myself to sleep just wets the pillow. Please watch the videos (sorry, no direct linking possible) and leave your verdict in the comments below.