If you have time to waste (and as you’re reading my blog, you probably do), then check out Ms Dewey, a video-fronted “search engine” from Microsoft. As a search engine, it’s not good. Search should be fast and efficient; this is neither. Flash is not fast or efficient, and I can’t copy and paste?

Search is not why you’d visit, though. As Ms Dewey responds differently to different search terms, you can get some pretty funny responses from some keywords. There are multiple responses to each keyword, so you might want to try them each a couple of times. Some discussion here and originally found here at herebenotions but you could try (in no particular order): police, halo, apple, google, weird, science, microsoft, soccer, tv, video, film, Janina Gavankar (the actress playing Ms Dewey), gun, colt 45, death, phone, police (very good), politics, xbox, pub, nerd, sex, love, girlfriend, marriage, porn, ipod, zune, second life, me, backwards, france (what?), australia, hotel, global warming, intern, funk, why, ebay, star trek, gremlins, lord of the rings, friend, paper, camera, live, everything, bondage, animals, matrix, money, monster, god, photo, los angeles, new york, seattle, san francisco, gambling, eyebrows, alcohol, read, jazz, comedy, coffee.

I do this for you, people. Oh, and don’t forget to start swearing.