So we just got back from the 48 Hour Film Project: Brisbane screening. Sadly, our film, “5”, didn’t win any of the big prizes, but happily, I did win Best Editing! Yay! So big thanks to everyone on the film (if you need to contact them, email film at for doing a great job, making the editing a pleasure. Until the horrendous audio nightmare.

Yay! Woooo!

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  1. Hey Iain, this is Bernhard 48 Hour Film Project, team leader for thoseguysoverthere. Our film was Bussted!, the one about the guy weighing up the pros and cons of the girls he’s sitting next to at the bus stop.

    Anyway, just dropping a note to give a bid of feedback on 5. I LOVED the concept. It’s basically just one big rip on 24. I think one of the main reasons that you didn’t get as much audience reaction as you could have was that not that many people understood the 24 references. It was a shame, really. If your film was shown in front of a couple of hundred hardcore 24 fans, they’d have adored it.

    But yeah, the concept of naming your film ‘5’, and saying that events take place in real time was priceless!

    Cheers dude,

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