Just a quick life update. Met some great people from Second Life recently. Always odd to meet someone for the first time after talking with them for over a year. Lots of private work on; some local, some London-based. More animation and film-making activities after the recent 48 Hour Film Project. How did we do? It’s hard to say; I’m too close to the film. But I think it’s pretty good, and the edit went well. Shooting with 2 cameras made for plenty of 24-style splitscreens and “real time” action, but mostly it was made great by the actors and their supreme improv skills. Actual filmmaking! Working with people on imdb.com!

My only real concern is that the film is, once again, too weird. If the choice comes down to too boring or too weird, I’m happy with weird. Next time… I have some more ideas.

Eep! Class time. More later.