Table Transpose in InDesign

Some time ago, I wrote about a Table Transpose script I wrote for InDesign. Swaps rows and columns. I mentioned I was going to upload it to the Adobe site, but that never happened. So, trying to upload it today; the Adobe site fell over at the final hurdle. Here’s what you should have been able to read:

Table Transpose v1
by Iain Anderson

Transposes tables, swapping rows and columns.

Switches rows and columns around in a table. As well as table content, this script swaps backgrounds with tints and basic text styles. It doesn’t deal with border styles, and if you’ve merged cells… best of luck.

Select the text frame containing the table to be transposed, then run the script. The script turns rows into columns and vice-versa, swapping row and column content, text styles and cell backgrounds. Use on backup copies. No responsibility taken for damage caused.

License Type: Freeware

And here it is: Table Transpose v1. Pop it in your InDesign/Presets/Scripts folder. [EDIT: Link updated. Works on Mac and PC InDesign CS2/3 and maybe CS1, though I can’t test that.]

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