Accursed jetlag. While sleep seductively beckons, I’m sticking to my “don’t sleep until the locals do” jetlag-beating tactics. Flying from the other side of the planet always kicks you in the head, and coming west is *easier*, eep.

Not that I’m complaining. Travel from one side of this tiny planet to the other is still, to me, an amazing feat. In the last two and a bit weeks I’ve flown past all our longitudes, all the way around the dirtball we all call home. And that’s as far as 99.9% of us have ever been able to do. Someday, breaking orbit will become normal. Maybe even in the next ten years, if Mr Branson’s latest dream is fulfilled. Someday farther off, we’ll leave properly.

Back to earth, this little trip’s been a blast. Time will surely tell just how much springs forth from the seeds laid. Many films created, people met, connections made. Maybe when my brain’s in the right timezone I can gather my thoughts, settle them in a neat pile, then finally finish the latest Tech·Ed video.

All I can manage at the moment is “eep”.