Ever wanted to actually cook while watching a coooking show? The way they’re set up, you can either tape them and copy down the recipe for later, or miss crucial steps. I suggest a new type of show, the prototype of which will be called “Cook Along With Iain”. This could actually work if Iain Hewitson was interested.


  • It’s all live or at least in real time, at around 5:30 pm.
  • The ingredients are announced at least a day before (in yesterday’s credits), maybe much earlier (on the show’s website).
  • Boring stuff like peeling potatoes will be done beforehand and listed in the ingredients.
  • You cook along with the host/chef, who’ll be making a meal at a pace most of us could follow.

    Wouldn’t that work really well? If you’re a TV exec. who likes the sound of it, go for it and give me a line in the credits.