Hey there. Back from a great weekend in Sydney @ the Sydney Film Festival, for the world cinema premiere of my short animation Airport. You can also see it in the left hand navigation bar. Staying with my friend L, meeting her friends H & JP, enjoying long chats with all three about art, computers and everything else over Thai food, coffee and tea. I think they have some connection to the staff at Aunty Holly – Fabulous Feline. Big thanks to L for the hospitality and the welcome.

So that was fun. Then flying back (damn your late flights, Qantas, kudos to your pleasant one, Virgin) and straight to training on the Sunshine Coast, which was nice for a change.

Now back in Mt Nebo with another half day of training complete, relaxing in front of a fire, having enjoyed great wine (Hamelin Bay) with great food (pork glazed with honey/ginger/lime) followed by great sweets. My terrific sister (that’s B) has sent some excellent German treats over; we dug straight into the stroopwafels. Yes, they’re traditionally Dutch, but these were good too. (Thin toffee-covered waffles. Mmmmmmmm.) Much more to go yet, so props to you, Boo. Let us know what we can send in return.

Tripping back, a couple of happy moments. In the airport, killing time, I found a book I’d expected to find sooner or later: Belle de Jour‘s first tell-all novel, as mostly seen on the blog above. Felt part of the club that knew about it before the spotlight fell. Flicked through and read stuff that rang bells about the golden covering of the crushed autumn leaves on the coated road by the Natural History Museum in London. Great.

Coming home last week, I passed glowing orange fairy lights at Jolly’s Lookout. The national parks/firefighters/etc. department been burning off all day and the smouldering embers remained, sparkly orange beacons in the night to distract the unwary driver. One lone tree sparked further up the hill, a vertical bonfire mostly hidden. A great excuse to turn the lights off on the dark drive home.

I’ve got to go. Nic’s just brought me a cup of tea and everything’s just a bit too great. Hope your life’s going well too.

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